Community Studio

From Classroom to Community

Community Studio is an interdisciplinary, community-centric project engaging students in civic action in their rural towns. Community Studio aims to foster critical thinkers and mindful citizens who play an active role in the civics that shape their rural communities. The program works within the classroom to provide a platform for small town revitalization through youth empowerment.

Community Studio began in 2013 in rural Northeast Nebraska. In collaboration through the senior government class at Lyons-Decatur Northeast school in Lyons, Nebraska, students design and implement self-directed projects to positively affect either the Decatur (pop. 462) or Lyons (pop. 851) community.

Hands-On Engagement

Students learn the basics of place-based practice, understanding local government, concept development, fundraising, public speaking, and time and project management. By providing these necessary tools to turn their ideas into reality, students apply these skills within hands-on initiatives. Their projects mimic the processes integral to effective civic action, preparing students for post-graduation citizen engagement.


Student Projects

2019-20 Team

2018-19 Team

2017-18 Team

2016-17 Team


Hunter Ferguson

Hunter Ferguson was born in Blair, Nebraska on April 22, 2000. Hunter said, “I don’t know what college I am going to go to yet.” His favorite activity is playing sports. His favorite sport is baseball because it is the one he is best at playing. Hunter has lived in Lyons, Nebraska his whole life. […]

Helping Decatur

For a project I want to raise money and donate to at least one of these places in Decatur: the Fire Department, Community Club, the Local Museum or the Law Enforcement. I am hoping to raise at least $200. I chose fundraising as my community project because I would like to support the places in […]

Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

Our one hundred percent goal is to have given three presentations and to teach people about drugs and Alcohol. We want the community and students to realize that drugs and alcohol are not a smart to do because it could ruin your future for success. We decided to do this topic because both Destanie and […]

It’s Piggy Time!

My final goal is to bring everyone together and perform a play. I hope to accomplish teamwork with younger generations and communities. I think that it would be fun to put on a play for the community because there is nothing ever going on in Decatur. This would be a great opportunity for children to […]