Brink Memorial Park Disc Golf Course


I decided to start working on this project because I wanted to build something that

the community was going to use and enjoy for many years. I was working with Ryan Payton on this project, and our first goal was a mini-golf course. However, we decided to change that plan when we learned about disc golf courses. Our process was to first approach city council to get permission to build. After that, we met with city workers to map out the final course. Finally, we began to raise funds in order to buy the baskets from the Professional Disc Golf Association. Fundraising was definitely the hardest part of the project. Our project had a hefty bill, so we had to reach out to many different people and businesses to pay for the baskets. We learned that there are many steps in making sure that an addition to something follows through. As a result of the project, we were able to get support for the course and will begin to construct the course over the summer of 2019.

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