Weight room Renovation

After lifting in our school’s weight room every day for the last 3 years Dustin, Seth, and myself came up with the idea to revamp the area. We noticed that our weight room had maroon walls from us still being Lyons-Decatur. Since we were newly co-oped with Bancroft-Rosalie we decided to remove the maroon pads and paint the walls black to match our new colors. We were also able to add some new equipment with the extra money we raised. Through this project, we learned how to fundraise efficiently. We did a car wash in the summer to help us raise money for this project. We also went to local business and asked if they would allow us to place donation buckets in their businesses. We also learned how to talk to other people and work on our social skills. All in all, we learned many lessons along with improving our school while doing this project.

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