2016: High School Indoor Concession Stand


Retouching the Indoor Concessions Stand

By Cameron Barry, Jessie Mutum, Megan Tomka, and Tanner Felner


Our project, touching up the indoor concessions stand, is meant to bring a sense of cleanliness and happiness to the school. The new paint color, a bright white, makes the inside appear cleaner and brighter than it did before. This makes the concessions stand more appealing to the eye, which means people are likely to stop by. We believe that this project is a clean slate for the new sports merge with Bancroft-Rosalie, and a fresh start for the new mascot – the Wolverines.

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Fundraising was the most difficult part of our project. We sent letters out around the community asking for donations, but we weren’t the only ones. Our donations came mostly from family members from around the community, and we pitched in our own money as well.

Steiny’s helped us tremendously in finding the right paint and brushes for our specific project. We had almost no idea what the difference was in gloss and semi-gloss paint or how to properly clean brushes. Also Rick Coen was a great help as well. On account of his help, it was easier to complete the project. We also had help from Bryan, a worker from the school. He gave us tips on how to properly clean our materials and add a finishing touch. Mr. Timm gave us many of ideas on how to complete the space. Our secretary Mrs. Long helped us find proper shelving. She took time out of her already busy day to come unlock the concession stand, answer any questions we had, and give us advice on what to do next. Lastly, Mr. Anderson gave us the equipment needed to install the shelves.

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Painting is much harder than it looks, as is the prep work that goes into it. Before we could begin the process we had to clear out the room, and there was more in it than we thought. It was difficult to find a place to put all of the storage and food, but we settled for moving it outside while we worked and placing it back in when we were finished. The cleaning itself took longer than we had planned. We had to make sure that every surface was clean and clear for painting, as not to create streaks or unwanted marks. Another big issue was a lack of communication and effort from each of us at some point or another. We are all busy with it being our senior year, and life can get in the way of these types of projects.

Our project will hopefully have an impact on the way that people see our school and our school’s standards. The shelving is new, the paint is fresh, and everything is cleaned. It was a difficult project to get started on, but once we had all of the supplies and the time set aside, we were on a roll. Next year will be the first year of a sports co-op between Bancroft-Rosalie and Lyons-Decatur, and we wanted to make sure that at least this aspect helped with the fresh start. The finished project was a complete success, and we hope others feel the same way.

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