Letters to Children’s Hospital

My project is important because while in the hospital, patients tend to feel alone and that no one understands what they are going through. I thought that because I have been in their position many of times that I would write them. Letting them know they are not alone and that everything will eventually be okay. It is important that I did this because these children and teens

20160426_134159This project that I chose to do required no fundraising. I already had everything I needed in order to complete the tasks. Money is not required to write handwritten letters nor to send them over the web.

I worked with my social worker from the Children’s Hospital in Omaha to help complete my project. Shana Romero was more than willin2016042995141952g to help make this a success for me. I was not able to hand deliver my letters to the patients due to the laws of the hospital so with Shana being a social worker she was able to deliver the letters for me. This was a huge help otherwise this project may just have ended without being completed. The kids therefore received my letters on how to deal with being ill and how to get thru it. It is easy for kids to be confused and worried about what is going on and what is going to happen, with my letters I feel that I gave them a better understanding so they can keep a positive attitude and outlook on life even though they are in a hospital with a diseases.

While going through some steps of this project I ran into a few challenges. At Children’s or any other hospital for that matter they have a privacy policy. Therefore I was not able to hand deliver the letters I had written for the patients. Instead I had to send them to Shana so she could print them and hand them out. I also was not able to get very quality pictures due to the privacy policy of the hospital. Shana did her best to get me pictures of patients with the letter though. She took pictures from the side of the child and from the back. Even though the pictures may not be presented I hope that with my letters they will smile and have good faith that everything will work out for the best.

Writing a letter to children and teens in a hospital had an impact not only on the ones who received it but also on me as well. When ill it is always nice to know people are praying for you and hoping you get well soon. So I figured sending a letter to many patients would maybe lift their spirits and let them know that they are not alone. Shana said that not only were the teens thankful for the letter but that the parents were as well. They were happy that someone had taken the time out of their own life to recognize those who are struggling. I feel like I am able to make a bigger difference now that I have put myself out there and did something for the community. I have always wanted to go to children’s and speak in front of a big crowd about my journey through high school and life with a chronic illness. I feel as if I would be ready to do that now, all thanks to this small project. Although this idea of a community studio project was not something I was enthusiastic about, in the end I appreciate the opportunity to help children in need of guidance                    

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