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Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

  • Our one hundred percent goal is to have given three presentations and to teach people about drugs and Alcohol. We want the community and students to realize that drugs and alcohol are not a smart to do because it could ruin your future for success. We decided to do this topic because both Destanie and I strongly agree that it is needed in both communities. We both realize that people need help realizing that this is bad and it needs to stop. We care because it is a big issue on our younger generation. We came up with this idea because maybe if we bring it up, people will become guilty and stop because then they would realize that they are throwing away their future. Something that someone could help us on is if someone or anyone who knows of someone that overcame a drug or alcohol abuse, to come and talk at our presentation. Our twenty-five percent was to set up a date and begin making posters for our advertising. This was our goal because when we reach fifty percent we need to have one presentation done and also¬†write about what we have learned. We have reached this goal because we now have posters around the school and we also have a date when we want to have this presentation.


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