Disc Golf In Brink Memorial Park

This year us seniors had to take a government class, and in that government class, Mr. Swanson had us seniors come up with a project that helps or brings the community together in someway. For that project Reid Preston and I came up with the idea to build a disc golf course in Brink Memorial Park. This project will cost around $4,000 with the cost of the actual baskets, and the concrete needed for the baskets. We are hoping that the course is built by the end of May. We have come along some rough patches along the way like, getting approved by city council, laying out a course that would work with the city guys, and lastly getting the actual money to carry through with this project.

Reid and I did this project because we thought that there needs to be something for kids to do during the summer, when it’s break at pool there can be something for the kids to do. When we spoke to the City Council, they seemed very happy that we came up with this idea, and that there was a couple of people in the City Council that have thought of this same idea but didn’t know how to go through with it.

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