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It’s Piggy Time!

My final goal is to bring everyone together and perform a play. I hope to accomplish teamwork with younger generations and communities.

I think that it would be fun to put on a play for the community because there is nothing ever going on in Decatur. This would be a great opportunity for children to work together and feel proud of what they did. And for the parents to feel proud and be excited to watch their children perform.

This year as a senior I decided to go out for One Acts and I actually really enjoyed it! I really enjoy acting and I think that the younger kids will be more social and might really enjoy acting. I care about this because I love seeing how excited kids are when they get to put on costumes and have a different name and have a role in the play. I think it would make them feel special. I came up with this idea by looking through the Internet for ideas and this particular one caught my eye.

My biggest concern in completing this project would have to be people wanting to join and being committed. I feel like some people will not come to every single practice or won’t be interested in the idea. I am also concerned about the town and if they will let me host a play at the city hall.

I need help raising money for costumes and help getting people to want to join!

My 25% goal is picking out the play and making posters about the play. The posters would entitle the name of the play and all the characters and my number for contact information. I think that this is 25% because that helps me figure out who I will have and if I will need to make more characters.

I have picked out a play and I am going to make posters about the play and that also have my contact information.

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