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Helping Decatur

For a project I want to raise money and donate to at least one of these places in Decatur: the Fire Department, Community Club, the Local Museum or the Law Enforcement. I am hoping to raise at least $200. I chose fundraising as my community project because I would like to support the places in […]

Gazebo For Us

I, Bow Whitley, and my partner Trystan Vink decided to do the gazebo down at the town park. After hard work and dedication we finished working on the Gazebo. This process was very strenuous. We repainted and added bench along with cleaned up some of the weathered wood work. After this whole project was done the […]

Cierra and Michaels Lines

20% Times                                           Cierra and Michael April 21, 2017 Our project is we painted lines for the students at Lyons Decatur. We thought it was a good idea to help with the parking. The process didn’t take very […]

Over the years of weathering and abuse the local gazebo may need help from our local seniors and Lyons-Decatur Northeast. My partner Trystan Vink and I Bow Whitley are planning on rebuilding the local park’s gazebo. By the end of this project we predict that the gazebo will be better than it ever was before. […]

Them lines though

Why this is important to us is because we get kind frustrated with people parking all weird like. So what Michael and I are wanting to do is repaint the East side parking lot of the school for the students. We got inspired to repaint the parking lines because we are tired of the weird […]