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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Lyons Literary Night and “Community Dialogue”

I have endeavored to create community-centered events aiming to empower community members to think beyond their limits, understanding how their voices can truly make a positive impact from their small Nebraska town. My events, collectively titled “Rural Voices”, have included Lyons Literary Night and Community Dialogue.  Lyons Literary Night was focused around having individuals share literature and […]

Film Project

Our project is to create a movement for beginning film enthusiast around the community. We created a workshop to describe how stop motion works. We also planned on having the film enthusiast create a stop motion video with legos that we had brought. We also had free food and drinks that we gave out at […]

Gazebo For Us

I, Bow Whitley, and my partner Trystan Vink decided to do the gazebo down at the town park. After hard work and dedication we finished working on the Gazebo. This process was very strenuous. We repainted and added bench along with cleaned up some of the weathered wood work. After this whole project was done the […]

1st Annual LDNE Career Fair

Our project was to create the first Career Fair at Lyons Decatur Northeast. While doing this we gained a lot of experience from contacting people to come and speak to our students to setting up the layout for this large event. We have achieved this goal with hard work, dedication, and work ethic. Our process […]

Refresh Main Street

This year for my community project, that my entire government class is doing, is redoing the front of my parents downtown business in Lyons Nebraska. I had no real inspiration to do this project besides my own want to bring new life to the building. This building is located on main street across from the […]

2017 Lyons Community Movie Night

By: Amelia Schlichting and Lupita Prieto Our project is a community movie night at the school. At the end of each month, starting from February 2017, we host a movie night for anyone from the community of Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft, and other neighboring towns. The event is admission free with snacks. Kids and parents can […]

Cierra and Michaels Lines

20% Times                                           Cierra and Michael April 21, 2017 Our project is we painted lines for the students at Lyons Decatur. We thought it was a good idea to help with the parking. The process didn’t take very […]

Mentoring Program

  The project that we chose was to help mentor junior high kids that needed assistance with homework and guidance through junior-high as they enter high school.The process of beginning the mentoring program began when Mr. Lahm brought the idea up to us. With the help of Mrs. Brokaw we began a list of students […]

Community Studio- Cemetery Project (Jon and Tommy)

  Our community service project involves helping the cemetery. We have inputted the names and GPS location of the gravestones of over 1000 people. The cemetery board has had trouble staying up to date with their archives and needed some help to update the system. Right now, all of the names and locations are recorded […]

Spreading Christmas Cheer & The Easter Bunny Visits!

At the start of our making of the Holiday Care Packages we had a lot of help from our school and community members. We advertised at Empower Your Genius Day, hung flyers around the town and school, and also sent the donation lists home with each kid at Lyons-Decatur. We dropped off donation boxes around […]

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