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Community Studio- Cemetery Project (Jon and Tommy)


Our community service project involves helping the cemetery. We have inputted the names and GPS location of the gravestones of over 1000 people. The cemetery board has had trouble staying up to date with their archives and needed some help to update the system. Right now, all of the names and locations are recorded on paper and are fairly hard to interpret. To help expedite the recording process, the names were put on a spreadsheet, along with their GPS coordinates.


We made a google spreadsheet that we can access on our smartphones. We imputed the names of the people, and then their GPS coordinates. We got the longitude and latitude from a GPS application. On the spreadsheet, we have the block number, first name, last name, latitude, and longitude.



We learned that planning is key. We had to work around bad weather, and the amount of time we thought we would have was much less than it actually was. We did not realize how many people were actually buried at our local cemetery. If we were more organized, we could have gotten more graves done.

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