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Mentoring Program


The project that we chose was to help mentor junior high kids that needed assistance with homework and guidance through junior-high as they enter high school.The process of beginning the mentoring program began when Mr. Lahm brought the idea up to us. With the help of Mrs. Brokaw we began a list of students that we could help out for an hour every Tuesday. We asked some other teachers who they thought, student-wise, could benefit from the program. During this hour with students we help them with homework and just spend time talking to them. The process is coming to a close on May 2 because that will be the last Tuesday of our Lyons-Decatur careers. Throughout this program we learned that even though we thought we could only influence kids sports wise, we could also influence students academically. These students showed us that they care about academics and that they look up to the upper-classman.

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