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Helping Decatur

For a project I want to raise money and donate to at least one of these places in Decatur: the Fire Department, Community Club, the Local Museum or the Law Enforcement. I am hoping to raise at least $200. I chose fundraising as my community project because I would like to support the places in my community. Without some of these places Decatur would not be the way it is today. I came up with fundraising by searching ways to help your community.

For my 25% goal, I came up with fundraising ideas and found people to help me. I believe this completes. I believe this completes my goal because now all I have to do is get the word out and raise the money. Once I reach 100%, I hope to have raised enough money to donate to one place in Decatur.

My biggest concern is not being able to do all the fundraising ideas I came up with. I am only interested in doing a bake sale, but not the other fundraisers.

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