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Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

Our community studio project includes having a coffee shop in our school concession stand from 7:00-7:20. We will sell coffee and speciality food items and then have activities in the gym for students until school starts. Students will be able to come to school early and enjoy different breakfast foods while finishing up some homework or simply talk to your friends every other week alternating on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We hope, by the end of this project, to raise $300 by the beginning of May. This money will then be donated to the Local Food Pantry.

We picked this project because who doesn’t love coffee and everyone needs something to wake them up in the morning and what better way than to come to school and have some nice prepared coffee and breakfast foods ready for you to eat. We decided to donate our earnings to the food bank because we felt that the food bank does a lot for our community and we would like to give back and help them out.

Our biggest concerns are getting permission and having one door unlocked in the school.We will need to get permission from Mr. Hanson, Mr. Timm, Beth, Mr. Knaak, and the food pantry. We need to ensure Mr. Timm will allow us to use the concession stand, not the food in it. Beth will help us with any money needed.Mr. Knaak helps us set up a fundraiser. We also need to be sure the food pantry takes money, not just food. With the new buzzing in system installed last year, it is difficult to get into the school. We need to find out if there is a way to have one door unlocked from 7:00 – 8:15 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This leads back to the problem of getting permission, it all ties together.

Our 25% goal is to talk to the administration, figure out a fundraiser to do, talk to the local food pantry. This is our 25% goal because it is an attainable goal reachable before Christmas break.

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