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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Hunter Ferguson

Hunter Ferguson was born in Blair, Nebraska on April 22, 2000. Hunter said, “I don’t know what college I am going to go to yet.” His favorite activity is playing sports. His favorite sport is baseball because it is the one he is best at playing. Hunter has lived in Lyons, Nebraska his whole life. […]

Helping Decatur

For a project I want to raise money and donate to at least one of these places in Decatur: the Fire Department, Community Club, the Local Museum or the Law Enforcement. I am hoping to raise at least $200. I chose fundraising as my community project because I would like to support the places in […]

Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

Our one hundred percent goal is to have given three presentations and to teach people about drugs and Alcohol. We want the community and students to realize that drugs and alcohol are not a smart to do because it could ruin your future for success. We decided to do this topic because both Destanie and […]

It’s Piggy Time!

My final goal is to bring everyone together and perform a play. I hope to accomplish teamwork with younger generations and communities. I think that it would be fun to put on a play for the community because there is nothing ever going on in Decatur. This would be a great opportunity for children to […]

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

Our community studio project includes having a coffee shop in our school concession stand from 7:00-7:20. We will sell coffee and speciality food items and then have activities in the gym for students until school starts. Students will be able to come to school early and enjoy different breakfast foods while finishing up some homework […]

Family Art Night

By the time we reach 100% we hope to provide the kids with Decatur with fun activities and their parents with a presentable piece of house decor. The kids and their parents will hopefully feel proud of the piece of artwork they’ve created. To motivate the kids to complete their project we will offer a […]