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Family Art Night

By the time we reach 100% we hope to provide the kids with Decatur with fun activities and their parents with a presentable piece of house decor. The kids and their parents will hopefully feel proud of the piece of artwork they’ve created. To motivate the kids to complete their project we will offer a couple small, fun science experiments, but ONLY when they have finished their project.

So far we have completed 25% of our overall goal. We have arranged a place to hold our “kids’ craft night”, which will be the Sears Center in Decatur. The dates of which it will be held is still up in the air. However, we have decided on a price per child to attend the craft night. Every child will need to pay $6 to attend. This charge will help pay for the supplies and snacks we will provide throughout the event. We also have a couple volunteers who have agreed to help supervise the activities, but more are always welcome. 🙂

We hope our chosen activities will be fun as we feel we would’ve loved them when we were younger. We’re also hoping this event will impact the community by providing the kids and their families with an activity that they normally wouldn’t do.

by: Jayme McCullock and Sophia Henneman

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