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1st Annual LDNE Career Fair

Our project was to create the first Career Fair at Lyons Decatur Northeast. While doing this we gained a lot of experience from contacting people to come and speak to our students to setting up the layout for this large event. We have achieved this goal with hard work, dedication, and work ethic. Our process consisted of talking to businesses around the area to see if they were interested in coming to the school to talk to the students about what they do. We also asked a few people if they were interested in taking part in a job interview for juniors and seniors. We sent out many letters and talked to a lot of people in person. We came up with ideas they could talk about and job interview questions they could ask. In addition to that we came up with a survey for the business representatives to take to help us gain knowledge and find out what they thought of the career fair. We learned through this project what it takes to contact people whether it is talking to them on the phone, in person, or through letters. Also we learned what it takes to set up and host an event like this.
Jacob Whitaker and Joey O’Connor

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