Community Studio

From Classroom to Community

Community Studio is an interdisciplinary, community-centric project engaging students in civic action in their rural towns. Community Studio aims to foster critical thinkers and mindful citizens who play an active role in the civics that shape their rural communities. The program works within the classroom to provide a platform for small town revitalization through youth empowerment.

Community Studio began in 2013 in rural Northeast Nebraska. In collaboration through the senior government class at Lyons-Decatur Northeast school in Lyons, Nebraska, students design and implement self-directed projects to positively affect either the Decatur (pop. 462) or Lyons (pop. 851) community.

Hands-On Engagement

Students learn the basics of place-based practice, understanding local government, concept development, fundraising, public speaking, and time and project management. By providing these necessary tools to turn their ideas into reality, students apply these skills within hands-on initiatives. Their projects mimic the processes integral to effective civic action, preparing students for post-graduation citizen engagement.


Student Projects

2019-20 Team

2018-19 Team

2017-18 Team

2016-17 Team


Refresh Main Street

This year for my community project, that my entire government class is doing, is redoing the front of my parents downtown business in Lyons Nebraska. I had no real inspiration to do this project besides my own want to bring new life to the building. This building is located on main street across from the […]

2017 Lyons Community Movie Night

By: Amelia Schlichting and Lupita Prieto Our project is a community movie night at the school. At the end of each month, starting from February 2017, we host a movie night for anyone from the community of Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft, and other neighboring towns. The event is admission free with snacks. Kids and parents can […]

Cierra and Michaels Lines

20% Times                                           Cierra and Michael April 21, 2017 Our project is we painted lines for the students at Lyons Decatur. We thought it was a good idea to help with the parking. The process didn’t take very […]

Mentoring Program

  The project that we chose was to help mentor junior high kids that needed assistance with homework and guidance through junior-high as they enter high school.The process of beginning the mentoring program began when Mr. Lahm brought the idea up to us. With the help of Mrs. Brokaw we began a list of students […]