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Ideas for the Future

Hello my name is Benny Estrada, for my community project Tyler Hardeman and I are committing to create an AV Club. A club to initiate a hobby for tech enthusiast, It will help our community to bond and have meetings for tech enthusiast, inventing ideas to help our community prevail in a modern way to […]

Community Family Movie Night

As the New Year comes, new events are arriving in the Lyons community. This year, Lupita and I (Amelia), are going to start a monthly community family movie night. The first showing will be in February and the last showing in May. We are super excited about this project. This wasn’t our first option for […]

Spreading Christmas Cheer!

As our senior year came near, we needed some ideas of what to do for our community studio project that would benefit the community we live in. Ideas came and went as our junior year was ending. Senior year approached and we have no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Multiple ideas passed our […]

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