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Ideas for the Future

Hello my name is Benny Estrada, for my community project Tyler Hardeman and I are committing to create an AV Club. A club to initiate a hobby for tech enthusiast, It will help our community to bond and have meetings for tech enthusiast, inventing ideas to help our community prevail in a modern way to innovate and create ideas to help citizens of Lyons to explore the tech world. Our club will be invited with experienced citizens in the tech community. Some will have experienced with computer programming, lights and sound, and finally video. We will have meetings for interested citizens in Lyons and surrounding areas to help progress our knowledge in technology. Our progress this year is inviting experienced people to the committee to our club and having a sponsor in the moment. We have initiated a place for our meetings, directed downtown at the Lyons public library. Our planning to proceed will be a meeting with advertising around town and social media to invite students and everyone in our community. And proceeding will be setting up ideas for meetings for our interest and have meetings to help our community.
Our AV club is meetings sponsored every year to have a day to have fun and experience new traditions for future generations with plenty of resources donated by myself and Tyler Hardeman.

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