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Community Family Movie Night

As the New Year comes, new events are arriving in the Lyons community. This year, Lupita and I (Amelia), are going to start a monthly community family movie night. The first showing will be in February and the last showing in May. We are super excited about this project.
This wasn’t our first option for a project, but as time went on we realized this project would be the best choice for us. First, out community as a storefront theatre. Second, there is a need for kids to have something to do in this town. Third, we are very passionate about doing a project that all ages can participate in. Then finally, the concern of our town’s citizens is there is nothing for kids to do. We hope this helps out at least once month, while getting adults involved too. This way there is more interaction between kids and the adults.
Our vision for this project is to have the last movie showing at the Storefront theatre in Lyons. Although, since most the showings are during the winter, they will be held at Lyons-Decatur High School. We will be showing a recent movie, have snacks such as brownies and cookies, and hopefully blankets, bean bags and pillows. We want it to be a fun night everyone can enjoy.To get more people out, we are going to try to the most recent movie as possible. Although, there is still a few issues we have to work out in order to make our project a success.
So please come join us in the future months and watch our project grow. We would love feedback after each movie so we know what we could do better and what you want to stay the same. Our first showing will hopefully be February 25. Hope to see you there.

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