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Fire hall appreciation

     In lyons about them how they  don’t have time to hesitate when they think of everything that can go wrong. Not only do firefighters save people from burning buildings, but  they also go on emergency calls such as heart attacks, respiratory problems, any other medical problems, or just to help save stuck or trapped animals. It’s their mission to stay focused, and no matter what happens, know that they gave it their all. The strength and perseverance involved in their job is enormous. These are qualities I see in myself.  

             In a fire rescue squad, your fellow firefighters become your brothers. Watching your back in every situation the team faces, they stand by your side. Knowing you have friends you can always count on is something necessary for survival in this line of work. I know I would be a valuable, dependable asset to this close knit band of brothers.

         Firefighter Putting their  life on the line to save another human being is a satisfaction that few get the pleasure of experiencing. This is the job that I know I was born to do. Do I want to get a job where I get paid a lot of money and be rich or do I want to work helping people? This choice must be made by every great firefighter. A great firefighter not only puts out fires, a great firefighter endures rigorous training and challenging exams. He works for the love of the people and not the money, which he gets paid. Saving people’s lives is worth more than any amount of money. So this why I did this  project about firefighter so that one day I can become one of them or one of them who save people.

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