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Working the Graveyard Shift

     For a while now the cemetery board has been discussing purchasing a software that will allow visitors to find their loved one’s gravestone with ease. We have been given the opportunity to help out the board with process of entering these headstones into a database. First we will count every headstone in the cemetery to make sure that we don’t miss any during the process. Next we will begin the process that involves taking a picture of every headstone and plotting it on a GPS device. After we are finished with this we will upload the data that we have collected to the software. Upon completion of the project will then present the finished product to the cemetery board and then to the public. The project should be completed by the end of April.

     This project will be a great service for not only our community, but for visitors as well. Technology has progressed a long ways, and deciding to use it is the next step in creating a better future for our quaint community. Harnessing this technology may seem difficult at first, but the outcome will be worth the challenge. Our beautiful cemetery is one aspect of our town we feel should be shown off. This service will attract more people to the cemetery. No one likes walking around a graveyard- especially if it is cold or windy outside. With the use of this application, that problem will be eliminated. Also, this is a dynamic service. The application will be able to be updated with the inclusion of new gravestones. Overall, the use of this service may lead to more improvements of our town through the use of technology. We hope that in the future more community service projects will follow our path and use new resources for the betterment of our community.

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