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Job Fair At LDNE


I am Jacob Whitaker and my partner Joey O’Connor are going to be hosting a job fair at our local school. This will help gain knowledge on Lyons-Decatur Northeast students from grade four through twelve. We have asked businesses around the state, if they are willing to participate in it. Our goal is to help students understand the different businesses that are around us, and get them thinking about what they want to do when they have to go on their own. We will have many different jobs such as the military branches, business jobs, agriculture related jobs, construction, clergy, and many more. In addition to the job fair we will have some businesses take part in a job interview. Juniors and seniors will take be asked to make a resume and dress nice for the event. This will replicate an actual job interview they will might have to experience in the future. After the job fair we are going to set up a survey and see what the students felt about the experience and see if they would like to do it in the future. Then we would send thank you letters to the businesses and see if they would be interested in coming to the school again if we were to host another one. Throughout this fair it will give the experience of a job interview, learning what other careers may interest students, and the opportunity to ask questions on the different jobs. We are expecting fifteen to twenty different businesses to come in and speak but we may result in having more than that if we feel it is needed. With the help of not only the local businesses but the businesses around Nebraska, we can achieve our goal in informing the students of LDNE of jobs that they may be interested in.

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