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Baseball Field Concession Stand Remodel

Our senior year has consisted of a couple community projects but this one will help a specific part of the community. We are going to be working on a project that will involve the concession stand at the baseball field. We will be repainting walls and putting a new style of floor in, whether it be tile or something else. We plan on this project taking until about April if successful. Our process will begin with mapping out all of our materials and prices. We will then move to our goal of fundraising one-hundred dollars. We are going to ask some of the community members in Lyons for some very small donations because any donations count. We only plan on asking community members who we know attend the baseball and softball games. After that we will be able to begin the physical part of the project with painting and putting flooring in. We wanted to improve the inside of this concession stand because we feel it has been awhile since it’s last improvement. We wanted the people who work in the concession to enjoy it as much as the baseball and softball players. The baseball and softball fields are used quite often during the summer with the digits, broncos and ponies playing on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. There are also youth softball games played so the concession stand could use some slight remodeling with all the wear and tear it takes during the seasons. Baseball and Softball are two sports that bring the community together. We thought it would be a good idea to aid the community that enjoys summer sports. We were a part of the baseball community for about 10 years and we wanted to help the baseball and softball programs, in some way, because it was a great experience.

-Cole and Montana

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